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August 12, 2016…(Montclair, NJ)……

A portion of the donations brought a homeless Mother one step closer to reunification with her 15 year old daughter.

August 12, 2016…(Montclair, NJ)……Lynn B.’s life began spiraling out of control following a house fire and the loss of her job. Trapped in a desperate situation Lynn made a life-altering choice. Tearfully she recalls stealing and being caught by security. "There was an altercation and my charges went from shoplifting to robbery. I spent 3 months in jail."

Meanwhile, child protective authorities placed her teenage daughter in Foster Care. Once released from jail Lynn was homeless. For six months she slept wherever she could find shelter. Although she is disabled and diagnosed with COPD and Asthma, Lynn B. doesn’t qualify for government benefits. With no money she was left with no options for housing.

Generous donors have provided a bed for Lynn at REAL HOUSE. Now she has a fighting chance to regain her pride, permanent housing and her precious daughter.

For the first time in its 12 year history REAL HOUSE Inc. is holding a fundraiser. The organization operates Emergency Shelter programs for homeless women in two houses on Grove Street and North Mountain Avenues. Together the dwellings can house up to 36 women at a time. Over the years hundreds and hundreds of women have called REAL HOUSE home.

The fundraising campaign can be found on Visitors to the website (located by clicking ) can read more about the organization, watch the video and donate at various contribution levels. A local Montclair couple donated at a level which gave 5 homeless women a place to sleep at REAL HOUSE for an entire week. Because the campaign is seen online donations have come from as far away as Myanmar and from U.S states including Florida, Pennsylvania and New York.

“Many women who have sought refuge at the Emergency Shelter of REAL HOUSE have received substance abuse treatment, found permanent housing, become gainfully employed, started their own businesses or enrolled in school,” says Shawn Jennings, REAL HOUSE Inc. C.E.O. “This fundraiser is linking people who can help with those who need help.”

The crowdfunding online fundraiser continues through the end of summer. Donations can also be made by check or money order and sent to REAL HOUSE INC./New Vision, 411 Watchung Avenue, Ste. 171, Montclair, NJ 07042.

Montclair, NJ July 13, 2016……………………

Emergency shelters play a critical role for the more than 10,000 homeless people across New Jersey. REAL HOUSE Inc., an emergency shelter program in Montclair, has been a safe haven for homeless women. For the first time in its 12 year history it will hold a fundraiser to raise the needed dollars to continue operating at the level the women and the community have become accustomed.

Life is dangerous for a woman living on the streets. Her days are filled with trying to find food, looking for a place to wash herself and her clothing, and searching for a safe place to sleep. At REAL HOUSE Inc. women have access to a warm bed, bathroom facilities and hot meals all in a home-style setting.

REAL HOUSE has been life changing for so many women. In 2015 we housed 150 women. Each resident of REAL HOUSE receives a case manager to help them set goals, secure employment, enroll in school and receive substance abuse treatment. Case Managers also assist with finding permanent housing for residents.

Only a portion of the residents receive benefits to cover their lodging and food. Most have no means of financial support. In addition agencies that have traditionally provided finances have changed their funding procedures. REAL HOUSE is in need of contributions in order to continue providing its valuable services.

Only a portion of the residents receive benefits to cover their lodging and food. Most have no means of financial support. In addition agencies that have traditionally provided finances have changed their funding procedures. REAL HOUSE is in need of contributions in order to continue providing its valuable services.

Unlike other facilities which insist that the homeless vacate the premises during the day – along with their belongings – REAL HOUSE allows women to stay throughout the day. This provides a stable environment in which they can begin to create a brighter future for themselves

Without the availability of the REAL HOUSE Inc. shelters we are leaving a population of homeless people at risk.

FEBRUARY 16.......95 Grove Street Montclair, NJ

We never know who is going to knock on our door wanting to give our residents a gift. On any given day a stranger, acquaintance or friend has stopped by with something to give the female residents of our Shelters. We have received bags of clothing, kitchen equipment, toiletries, etc.

Late one afternoon two people arrived at our door from a television studio. They were carrying large aluminum pans and shopping bags. The pair were production assistance and they had just completed videotaping a cooking show in the area. The television show’s host and guests had prepared an enormous amount of Mexican food.They heard about our Emergency Shelter and brought stacks of refried beans, corn pudding, queso cheese and tortillas for the Shelter residents to enjoy.

When the temperature dipped to a record-breaking 0 degree this past weekend, we were reminded of the invaluable service that we provide for those in our houses, which include our Emergency Shelters and Halfway Houses for women. We are grateful for the opportunity to be providing shelter for our 70 + current residents.We understand the great responsibility to ensure that the houses are kept warm and in good repair. If left unchecked, arctic temperatures can wreck havoc on the major operating systems of a house. REAL HOUSE Executives were in constant contact over the Valentine’s Day holiday weekend with our House Managers for updates and in-house status reports. Since we have the advantage of having several houses, we were able to temporarily transfer a few residents to ensure that everyone stayed safe and warm.

February 10, 2016…………………. Montclair, NJ......

REAL HOUSE Inc. is grateful to announce that we are one of the recipients of the Essex County grant intended to prevent homelessness among those seeking treatment for substance abuse. The grant will assist REAL HOUSE Inc. in providing housing to those without funding benefits living in our halfway houses.We would like to thank County Executive Joseph DiVencenzo, the Essex County Freeholders and the Essex County Community Health Service Office of Alcohol/Drug Abuse & Addiction Services, under the direction of Roberto Alvarez.

Bloomfield, NJ.....February 6, 2016

Two more residents of our Halfway House are headed to work after securing jobs. A third resident is completing job training and hopes to be hired within the next 72 hours.

Searching for employment is encourages at REAL HOUSE Inc. With support, the clients are motivated to improve their lives. Much of that support comes from our case management team.

At REAL HOUSE there is a heavy emphasis on case management and it makes a major difference in the potential success of clients. Each resident in our Halfway Houses and our Emergency Shelters receive an individual Case Manager.

Case Managers are charged with monitoring client progress, verifying attendance in treatment, advocating for needed services, advocating for benefits and providing personal support, etc.

Montclair, NJ………January 2016…………Update
In 2015 we housed 170 women in our Emergency Shelters. 101 women were part of our residential program in our Halfway Houses. 150 men and women received Intensive Outpatient Treatment Services.

In 2016 we expect to touch even more lives with the addition of our Sober Living House for women and Halfway House for men.


Church Outreach Mission Touches Women in Emergency Shelters

Montclair, NJ……….Nov. 9, 2015…………..It was a sea of women helping other women at the annual outreach event held at REAL HOUSE Inc. on Saturday. A large group of women from Abyssinian Baptist Church of Newark came to lend support for the female residents of REAL HOUSE Inc. Emergency Shelters.

Church members provided a delicious continental breakfast for the residents and held a moving spiritual service complete with singing and positive messages. Several of the Shelter residents gave touching personal testimonials during the service.

Following the worship service, volunteers set up an on-site thrift store, in the REAL HOUSE Intensive Outpatient Treatment offices, with racks of donated clothing. Residents were able to “shop” for articles of clothing to help them get back on their feet. Many people housed in Emergency Shelters have lost everything including their wardrobes, so having access to clothing is a necessity.

To end the event church members handed each resident a gift bag filled with toiletries.

The staff at REAL HOUSE was on hand to help coordinate this effort. They are grateful to members of Abyssinian Baptist Church for including their clients in the outreach mission.

"The Church began this event a year ago with our shelters," says Aalia Robinson, Director of REAL HOUSE Emergency Shelters. "We now look forward to this occasion. It gives our clients a sense of hope."

"It is refreshing to know that organizations are willing to give and expect nothing in return. Our clients need to know that there are people who care for them." said Shawn Jennings, C.E.O. of REAL HOUSE Inc.

REAL HOUSE Inc. is a full-service substance abuse treatment and recovery center. It provides Emergency Shelters for women, Halfway Houses for women and Intensive Outpatient Treatment for men and women.


In a recent interview, Shawn Jennings, President/CEO of REAL HOUSE Inc. was asked what makes REAL HOUSE different than other treatment programs. Jennings reflected for a moment to give the question serious thought.  He is the catalyst behind REAL HOUSE Inc. and has watched the company grow for more than a decade.

"There are 3 things that I can point to," Jennings began saying. "Our main difference would be the location of our houses.  They are located in suburban communities with beautiful surroundings."  Statistics have shown that there is a correlation between a positive environment and successful recovery.

"Second, our staff is dedicated and willing to go the extra mile for the residents," says Jennings.  "Our clients receive the individual attention they need along with extraordinary support from the staff."

"Lastly, our results speak for themselves. Our clients’ recovery transformations can be remarkable.  They often get full-time employment, find housing and often-times are reunited with estranged families," according to Jennings.

To date REAL HOUSE Inc. has helped hundreds of clients recover from substance abuse and co-occurring mental health challenges. 

REAL HOUSE Inc. provides Emergency Shelters for Women, Halfway Houses for women and Intensive Outpatient Treatment for both men and women.  Our houses are located in Montclair, Bloomfield and Downtown Newark.


In recent weeks some of the REAL HOUSE Inc. facilities were turned into television production studios as video crews record the company’s story.

REAL HOUSE Inc. is producing a presentation video designed to feature the services provided by the treatment and recovery center. The company has been growing and acquiring new locations for Halfway Houses in Essex and Union counties.

Many current and former staffers have been recruited and placed in the “hot seat” to be interviewed. The videotaping process has given REAL HOUSE staff an opportunity to demonstrate what is being done for residential clients and those receiving Intensive Outpatient treatment services.

Former REAL HOUSE Inc. clients are volunteering to participate in the videotaping, telling their individual stories. Many of the alumni recount dramatic stories of how their lives have been transformed by the REAL HOUSE Inc. These testimonials are inspirational and showcase the effectiveness of treatment and recovery at REAL HOUSE Inc.

These success stories show the dedication of the center’s staff. Directors, managers, counselors and others are caring and committed to helping each individual that comes to REAL HOUSE Inc. for help.

The video presentation will assist in telling the REAL HOUSE Inc. story to resource entities such as Social Service groups, government agencies and drug courts.

The videotaping team is headed by Emmy nominated producer Roz Miller Choice. She brings her network television experience to the production process helping to visually showcase the amazing work being done by REAL HOUSE Inc.

The completed production will be available for viewing very soon.


Ribbon Cutting

July 30, 2014 ( - This week REAL House Inc. cut the ribbon on their new treatment facility located at 15 South Street, in Newark. This grand opening marks the success of a collaboration of several organizations, public and private dollars. These efforts have resulted in the ability to provide quality service for those suffering from drug and alcohol dependence.

The Victorian house was originally purchased in 2006 with a grant secured by Jennie D. Brown, President of The Corporation of Justice and Opportunities, Inc., a non-profit organization. The house has been renovated, retro-fitted and furnished in preparation of becoming a residential treatment facility.

The project was still missing its key component, a drug and alcohol treatment program with a proven track record. REAL House Inc. CEO Shawn Jennings came to the aid.

Jennings is also a partner in BFM Holdings LLC, a real estate investment firm. He along with his partner, Wally Choice bought the building and completed the remaining renovations. With tenacity and patience, the REAL House team was able to complete the requirements to have the building licensed and approved. The house can now provide treatment services for up to 17 clients.

Mrs. Brown's dream of having a treatment program and to provide services to the Newark community has been brought to fruition by Jennings, Choice and the REAL House team.

15 South Street joins a growing list of facilities operated by REAL House Inc., which includes houses in Montclair and Bloomfield. REAL House services include intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment, halfway house services, tranquil treatment environments and shelter for the homeless.

A new REAL House facility is slated to open in Elizabeth.

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