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BRAVE 2018-2020

Initially funded in 2018 under the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) of New Jersey, from the Office of the Attorney General of New Jersey, the BRAVE program provides comprehensive crime victim services to better address trauma for female crime victims. BRAVE engages those for whom access to services has been a barrier; as well as address factors pertaining to victimization, trauma and substance abuse; with a focus on sexual assault; IPV, domestic violence (DV); and human trafficking. Facilitated access and retention support maximizes our tailored menu of supportive services, with evidence-based practices employed to address issues of our clients. We provide transitional housing, case management, primary health care; academic and job development; job placement; as well as substance abuse/mental health supportive services.

Under BRAVE, we also provide access to safe and appropriate emergency housing; individual, and family and group counseling. BRAVE strives to increase the safety, social and emotional well-being and self-sufficiency of female crime victims, helping them build permanent connections with families, communities, and other positive social networks.

VAST 2017-2018.

Funded through a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor—Veterans Employment and Training Service, the VAST project is one of two projects funded in the State of New Jersey to provide supportive services to veterans and their families, and the only one funded to empower female veterans, and address chronic homelessness among this group.

VAST is structured to provide centralized access to a strong supportive network of comprehensive wrap-around services to encourage and enhance stability for no less than 80 female veterans; and recently male veterans and their families; to include emergency housing assistance, permanent housing through HUD-VASH, case management, behavioral healthcare (individual/group/families), domestic violence, financial literacy, healthcare, health and wellness activities; career placement, supported employment (Job Retention), transportation, legal services, access to childcare and development; linkage to VA Benefits, and more.