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Get Involved

Here at Real House Inc. in Montclair, New Jersey, we are always seeking to provide our clients with the best care possible. Many of our treatment center and shelter residents come in with nothing, so your kindness goes a long way.

Helping Hand

All your gently used clothing, furniture, and other household items are welcome. Why throw them away when they could be put to a much better use?

Donations & Internships

Those willing to donate their time are also welcome. Whether you are working towards your CADC or just need hours as part of a class requirement, we are always interested in providing dedicated individuals looking for hands-on Real life experience with internship opportunities.

Guest Lecturers, Outreach Programs, & Days of Service

We believe it is important to expose our clients to new, helpful information and to have them interact with people from all ranges of life. There are myriad things our clients struggle through, from parenting issues to trying to maintain healthy eating habits, which may prove difficult simply because they have not been exposed to the knowledge they need. Constantly taking in new information from varied sources, allows an individual to better form her own life philosophy, one that will be healthy and self-supporting.

Contact us to find out more about supporting our treatment program.